With the new AAAdrenalin Freeride binding, no terrain is out of reach. This binding provides a level of skiing performance never before seen in an alpine binding. It combines performance driven freeride features with the ultimate ergonomic walking mechanism for maximum freedom on-and-off piste.

Freeskiers prefer equipment which provides control, performance and usability. Not only for clear slopes and untracked powder areas, also for stoked park and half pipe rides. The AAAttack binding combines functionality and modern design to meet these demands. A perfect tool for all-round skiers who are willing to attack!

Easy as 1, 2, 3.
We decided to tackle the one challenge every skier faces every day on the mountain: to combine great skiing performance with great walking performance. After all, ony any given day we spend up to 30% of our time out of the binding. 

Thanks to a new quick entry geometry, the Cube3 is extremely easy to get into. Simply tilt back the shaft and step in. In addition, the 3-buckle construction with an oversized top buckle allows easy and quick buckling in and a great, snug fit.

Kennelbach, February 2015 – First the Nobel Prize, now the ski world: HEAD is proud to introduce GRAPHENE™, the lightest, strongest, and thinnest material ever discovered on this planet.

Kennelbach, February 2015 – From now on it does not matter if it is your first day on the mountain or just another day on the mountain’s hardest slope: With the all new INSTINCT skis  HEAD puts fun and joy into skiing for


PERFECT FIT is the exclusive 100% customizable innerboot that provides the best level of precision, comfort and durability.100% Full Customization: The new innerboot perfectlyadapts to the foot and shell. Increased precision, performance and comfort durability. Customization can be repeated virtually without limitation.

HEAD skis are packed with features and technology to help you get the most from your equipment and your time on the slopes. Learn more about the features used in HEAD skis to determine which skis are right for you.

Rocker Done Right.

Imagine a ski that performs for everyone, anywhere: One for all. All in one.
 HEAD ERA 3.0 is not your one-dimensional "have a problem? we fix it!" technology. Era 3.0 is a combination of technologies, shape, and geometry. Think rocker, think radius, think rebound. Think 3-dimensional!

How It Works


KERS Technology works like a turbo charger that provides additional power and acceleration by stiffening the tail of the ski in outturns. The effect: a boost, catapulting the rider into the next turn. Just like when Formula 1 pilots push a button for that extra notch of speed. HEAD KERS Technology is an electronic, fully automatic and integrated system.

HEAD’s Theory of Relativity.

Ski performance is not an absolute measure. What you want out of a ski always depends on how and where you ride. On hard-packed slopes you want perfect edge grip. On soft snow, you want more maneuverability. Breaking the slope record you want your ski to perform differently than when you’re just cruising with your friends or family. Adaptive HEAD Intelligence Technology helps your ski perform perfectly - both relative to terrain and your individual riding mode.

A ski with reduced vibration and increased dampening and a system to increase torsional strength all while at the same time reducing swing weight.

TTS is a stabilising exoskeleton which dampens the vibrations normally felt from rockered tips and tails also reduces overall swing weight and creates a ski with a playful yet high level of performance.

PNP Rocker - Park 'n' Pipe Rocker

Our Park & Pipe Rocker incorporates tip and tail rise with regular camber underfoot. PNP gives skis a significant amount of pop and energy for boosting tricks. 30% rocker - 70% camber.

TNT Rocker - Tip 'n' Tail Rocker

Tip and tail rocker combined with regular camber underfoot. This combination creates a surfy feel in powder while maintaining hard snow versatility. 40% rocker - 60% camber.

HEAD equipment is packed with features and technology to help you get the most from your time on the slopes. Learn more about the features used in HEAD boots to determine which ski boots are right for you.

The head AdaptEdge is the most versatile, adaptive boot on the market. With Adaptive Fit Technology, a tri-injection frame, Easy Entry shell design and Spine-Tech Double Power Buckles, the AdaptEdge is on the cutting edge of performance and comfort.

The Next Big Thing in Boots.

The HEAD Vector combines avant-garde injection technology with a new SuperHeat4 (SH4) liner and the revolutionary Spineflex buckle to match ultimate performance with superior comfort. The SH4 liner (Vector 120): A completely new design integrating state-of-the-art post-organic materials. Perfect comfort and energy transmission.

HEAD equipment is packed with features and technology to help you get the most from your time on the slopes. Learn more about the features used in HEAD bindings to determine which are right for you.

Welcome to the fast lane in binding technology evolution: 

  • Easy Mounting & Adjusting
  • Modular System 
  • Ideal for Retail, Demo and Rental
  • Maximum flexibility

No drilling or screwing, just sliding.


Full Diagonal Toes feature 180° release action from horizontally to vertically. Maximum safety in backward twisting-fall situations. Race Diagonal Toes are tuned for racing purposes. Due to higher release force vertically than horizontally, it holds up to the high backward lean forces that occur in racing.